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"Le Groupe des Brioches" - The Bun Bunch

Don Cooney, Gil Jorden, Guy Leclair, Don Grieger, John Hodgins, Dave Huebsch

No longer heard over the cinnamon bums:

Don Cooney, 5of6, died August 2014; RIP

John Hodgins, co-founder of the "Group of Two" and subsequent "All Weather Gang" died May 2019; RIP

As heard over the cinnamon bums:

"Did you read in the Wall Street Journal that cinnamon was an aphrodisiac?" "I thought I was getting a warm feeling toward you guys."

On the subject of how long we have on this earth to paint; "I have so little time that I've stopped buying green bananas."

On the subject of happiness. "I read that men are happiest in their sixties after their hormones stop tormenting them." "Women are happiest in their seventies after their men die and stop tormenting them."

"Composition, tone, and color I thought is was fluidity?" "Who the hell said that?" "The same guy that gave you best of show last week."

"I find that people who have my paintings and Monet's prefer mine!"

After a long discussion about the toxic nature of pigments and solvents. "Some people just like to live on the edge.", "I run with scissors!", "I oil paint"

One of the Gang fell while painting. "It was my first painting injury." After a long pause. "I find that most painting injuries are psychological."

"I painted a 20 footer last week.", "A fence?", "No a women stop on the road and yelled to me that she liked my painting. As she walked closer she made a face and said 'oh, not so good'. It was the 20 foot mark where she changed her mind."

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