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Dave's Compost Pile of previously featured paintings, waiting for a new home!

When I ran out of wall space to hang my paintings in the house, I started piling them under a table in a corner of my studio. When teased about the "garbage pile". I announced that it wasn't a garbage pile, but a compost pile. The paintings were just waiting for a time of changing taste or a new home. I have a number of personal favorites that spent a year or so in the pile only to be reclaimed and reworked into works of art.

When JPG files of paintings displayed on the 6of6 Art Gallery started to pile up I decided to throw them on the "Compost Pile".

Help yourself. Dig through and see what you can find.

Please send all questions and comments to:

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the pile
First Snow On The Pumpkin Patch
Spring Morning
Motif #1 Rockport
Danny Returns to the Sea
Helping Grandpa
Barn Yard II
Cat I
Live Oak

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